AARON AVANISH, born in Venezuela started to play and write at 8 years old. As a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer, Aaron vanish has amassed fans of all kinds. After a brief stint in college, Aaron hit the music scene in the early 2003 and released his first demo in Spanish “Dame”, an acoustic album recorded by himself. With no success forthcoming in Venezuela, in 2004 Aaron move to Madrid preparing his second musical work “Pasos desiertos” which was published in 2009. This eventually led to him doing hundreds of concerts throughout Spain. Aaron followed up with his third Spanish single release entitled “Contigo pa’ siempre”, in 2013. Now in 2017 Aaron has released his first EP in English called “Love” featuring old musician friends and recorded and produced by him. Aaron believes this 7 track recording to be his most personal work to date.

Aaron Avanish

Pop, Rock, Alternative
From: Madrid, SPAIN / London, UK

Label: Unsigned

Site: www.aaronavanish.com

Band Members

  • Aaron Avanish – Solo artist, Songwriter



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