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BRANDON ADAMSON, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is an indie songwriter who has been recording and releasing experimental music since the 1990’s. The video for his psychedelic song “Apricots and Afterthoughts” reached almost 20,000 views on youtube a few years ago and was promoted by Polaroid on their social media pages. Brandon’s first childhood band was called “The Dragons,” which he formed with classmates in 2nd grade after seeing the movie “Back to the Future” in the theater.
He has released several small time albums and dozens of tracks over the years though the label, Uncharted Records.

Brandon is currently working on releasing a bunch of new singles in the style of a 60’s mod style. “I’ve tried getting into making EDM type stuff sometimes and experimenting with different styles, just to see what I could do with them, but at the end of the day I really just prefer psychedelic music.” His new song “Popsicle Stand,” a peppy minimalist rock song backed by a 1975 Cordovox CDX combo organ, should be available on itunes next month. It was mixed and mastered by longtime friend and producer, Lawrence Hearn. Watch for it.

Brandon Adamson

Indie, Pop, Psychedelic
From: Phoenix, ARIZONA, USA

Label: Uncharted Records

Band Members

  • Brandon Adamson – Vocals, guitars



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