DANY M, Portuguese solo-artist and singer-songwriter “Dany M.” has always had an insatiable fascination and love for the music of all kinds. As he grew up, he discovered his passion for guitar and played along as he attached himself to his new instrument, learning to play as he listened to giants of the Rock genre, becoming influenced by the greatest of the great like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn & many more.
Finding his own signature blend of Pop, Rock & Blues – Dany M. took the cue from his heroes in music and began to write & record his own songs – and just like his idols, he started to create tunes with emphasis on the musicianship. Through bold songs that have vibrant tones and beautiful melodies – Dany M. has a versatile style that allows him to incorporate a wide array of sound with extremely accessible & ear-pleasing results. With a knack for writing hooks that are truly meant to last – he’s got an insightful range of ideas and sounds that produce stunning results designed to appeal to everyone.
Ready to make his mark in music a permanent one – Dany M. released his debut album Beyond Reason in 2017. With ten incredible new songs that highlight what a sincere, expressive and imaginative artist he’s become, Dany M. puts his heart & soul into his every move – and you can hear that in his music.

Dany M

Rock, Pop, Blues
From: Porto, PORTUGAL

Label: Unsigned

Site: Facebook page

Band Members

  • Dany M – Solo artist, Songwriter



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