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RocksFanzine: Who is ErnieisOrange? Explain us something about your story.
ErnieisOrangeErinieisOrange started out back in 2007 as just a pen name for songs I wrote as a hobby and ended up becoming a full blown music project. I had played with a band Driving Lester for years and we showcased for Virgin Records in 2004 and didn’t get signed and went our seperate ways, I got into other things and got married, but I love writing songs, so I keep doing it as a hobby, a few years ago I found myself single so I got an ipad and did a three song ep for soundcloud, then last year I upgraded my home studio a bit and started recording and writing and become more serious about the band, I began performing open mics in and around my town as well as playing a few coffee shops, I released Jenn Ex ep on soundcloud in November of 2016 and worked hard on promoting the first single Home Alone and got 17.9 plays on soundcloud and lots of positive feedback, I released the SHERO ep in April and the lead single recieved light ration on Jango radio as well as over seven thousand plays on soundcloud, Our newest release is Back to New York and has been out a few weeks, the lead single is Jango radio and the album has recieved over 25,000 plays total, we are finishing two songs and we will be releasing the back to new york with the two new songs on Itunes and other major distribution platforms

RF: How do you like define your music and style?
EIO:Singer songwriter jaming with a rock band whose sound is influenced by early 2000 contempary rock

RF: We could say that ErnieisOrange is a band of one actually. Or you work with more musicians when you write your music?
EIO: Its pretty open, it started with me and three other guys back in 2014, but I write with lots of different muscian friends, the last year has been me writing and recording everything myself, but I do have a full band i play live with, but the only mainstay in the EIO is me.

RF: Listening the first chords of your song “Tomorrow comes” our first impression is some kind of sleek british-eighties sound in your music. But you’re a canadian rock artist. What’s the source and influences of your music?
EIO: I grew up on classic rock and love glam rock Bon Jovi, Poison etc, my main influences are songwriters like Springsteen, Harry Chapin, Steve Earl, but I love to incorporate what ever I am feeling or into musically at the time into what I am doing, I remember I was listening to a lot of The smiths back when I wrote that back in March, so its funny you say that 🙂

RF: Our readers would love to discover how started your adventure. How and when you decided begin to play?
EIO: I saw “purple rain” with Prince and I was like i wanna be a rockstar, my dad played a bit of guitar so there was acoustic guitars around when I was growing, I evently just learn to play got an electric of some dude selling his guitar cheap and then my parents got me an amp for my 15th birthday and then a bout a year later i started playing in various garage bands and never looked back

RF: Our readers they are avid to discover different bands as yours to impact them. Why do you think you’ll be able to hit it where other artists (even famous) have failed?
EIO:I think I try to appeal to a niche marketed thats overlooked, I think fads come and go and sometimes people arent ready for them to go, I like that early 2000 contemporary rock sound and it went away to fast for me, John Mayer, lifehouse, train, matchbox 20, changed with the times updated there sound, I figure if that do want to use anymore that sound anymore I’ll use it and make my own brand of music with that vibe that I feel there is still an audience for but just not being met in the mainstream bands.

RF: What about your lyrics? Which things consider ErnieisOrange in your words?
EIOMostly people and stories I hear, I heard about a lady who’s husband to be died and she was talking at the bar I at was with here friend about the irnoy of going to the church for the funerual instead of wedding so I wrote goodbye, I was at wedding and saw an old couple dancing to closing time by Leonard Cohen and was inspired to write id take it with you. I like my songs to be small little stories, but still lyrical

RF: We are finding lately, a lot of new bands who are returning to a sound more acoustic and real. It’s a sound competing with the heritage of all this “eclectic” indie bands from the 90’s. Do you think has come the time to readjust the Rock?
EIO: I think its a real cool time for music, with streaming services you pay your monthly few and can listen to Taylor Swift one minute or gwar the next, you can do whatever you want to with music now and don’ t really need to fall into a catogory like u used to, its like good music or music I don;t like….you dont need to worry about jumping onto the newest trends because with streaming serves people are now more open to listening to new music and to listening to wider variety of music then back when they were buying 20 dollar cds

RF: Tell us how was the recording process of your album
EIOI wrote all the songs on acoustic and worked out the arrangements, and lyrics, I wrote the drum tracks with a drum machine, then I recorded the bass, then the rythm guitar and then vocals, then I just add to the sounds keys here, banjo here, leads here, then I tweaked them to adjust the mood and the feel and redid the vocals. I waited a couple weeks and then mixed the album and sent out for mastering

RF: What other things are really important in your life — apart from music — that help keep you motivated?
EIO: Music is the main thing in my life write now, I work as cook pt but a part from that I am working hard on writing another 5 ep for release early next year and playing live

RF: Are you preparing a next tour? Where?
EIO: I’ll be releasing Lost in New York on Itunes in October with two new songs, and I’ll be doing a run of acoustic shows and promo performancing to promote them in October early Novemeber in Southwestern Ontario only with about six dates so far, we will be annoucing shorty, then its right back to writing and recording with a Feburary release and larger tour hopefully hitting lots of different parts of Canada

RF: If our readers they want to buy your music, where they can do it?
EIO : You can hear our new single Tomorrow Comes and the rest of our releases on sound and Lost in New York will be on Itunes come October.

Thanks ErnieisOrange. It was great listen you and talk. Good luck and success!



Pop, Rock, Alternative
From: Ontario, CANADA

Label: Unsigned

Site: Facebook page

Band Members

  • Diamond Tim – Lead artist



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