Interview with GLITTER ROSE Surrendering to her honest rock...

RF: Who is Glitter Rose? Tell us something about your story
GR: I was born in the High Desert in Southern California. I was a ballet/tap/jazz dancer from the time I was 6 and discovered I wanted to be a songwriter and musician at age 12. I was raised in Texas from the time I was 13, and that is when I started pursuing a music career. I’ve always had my own style, not anything that would fit into a specific genre, and because of that, I’ve always been independent. I was managed by a family friend from the time I was 13, who later in life became family to me as a sister, and a best friend. Just last year, her and I severed ties but not without a long run of struggle in both the music business, and our personal lives. I just recently started living an independent life, free of control, and it is reflecting in my music now. I guess the main ingredient to my story is experiences. Going for it, no matter what and dealing with the pain of not always winning the game, just because I choose to stay true to myself, whether its about music or a life decision. That is also the reason why I’ve had so much joy and triumph in my music career and personal life, so its a lot of ups and downs.

RF: How you define your music and style?
GR: Outlaw. I don’t follow rules of what I “should” sound like, or what would “fit” on the radio. It’s rock n roll roots, with alternative, pop and some country influences. Ironically, I don’t sound like anyone else but there’s a very commercial aspect to my music. It just can’t be compared to anything else, which leaves it out in left field a lot.

RF: You are talented singer, songwriter, and music producer. How does to compete in a world (production) that for so many years was exclusive to men? They’re learning to respect your work?
GR: Thank you 🙂 I love this question, because I myself do not like to focus on the man vs. woman factor of my work. It’s either good or its not. I’ve not been treated differently because of being a woman for the most part. Of course, every woman in music, film or entertainment for that matter, deals with disrespect at some point and time, but like I said, I try to focus more on the quality of the music and let that speak for itself. I can recognize when its constructive criticism, and when its discrimination. Usually, if someone doesn’t like what I’m creating, they can give me a valid reason why, and I can take that to improve on my next Project. I’ve learned over the years, the more I let my femininity shine, the more respect I get as a woman in my field. Trying to be a hard core bad ass all the time, especially when you don’t always feel that way, comes off as ingenuine and welcomes attack.

RF: Your music shows temper and graceful at same time, and with a touch of class. We can see you’re a clearly rock’s girl. But other famous rock artists they’ve experimented with sounds of modern pop, even disco, in some point of their career. You’re attracted with this idea?
GR: Recently, I’ve been more attracted to the idea of collaborating and doing things that are completely out of my comfort zone. Maybe even do a Project under another name, as to bring an entirely new persona to the music. My new álbum has reached out into other realms that my previous music has not. I’m excited to reveal that to the world. So yes, as music evolves, we must evolve as songwriters and musicians, as long as what we’re putting out feels right, and isn’t compromising integrity.

RF: RocksFanzine readers they are avid to discover different sounds with that special seed to impact them. Why do you think you’ll be able to hit it where other artists (even mega-famous) have failed?
GR: What I’m doing is honest and different. I believe that people still want originality, and major labels know that, they are just so out of touch with reality that they don’t know how to manifest it, or see it when someone is presenting it to them. I don’t care that most alternative rock bands from the past 5 years or so sound like a revamp of New Wave, I don’t want to sound like that. I’m alternative, I’m rock, I’m southern, its organic and its unique. That’s the true definition of alternative, in my opinión. I think that is why people become fans of my music. I’m not afraid to be myself, whether it “fits” or not.

RF: Do you think musical talent is something people are born with, or is it something that is developed?
GR: I think its both. There are people out there that truly love music and would like to be musicians or songwriters, but they just don’t have the natural talent. There are also those who are virtuoso musicians and could care less about pursuing it as a career. I myself had some natural talent, and then worked really hard to develop into a good singer, guitarist, and songwriter. I wasn’t a great Singer when I started, my voice was kind of annoying. I also was a very basic guitarist until I decided I wanted to be better, and then sought lessons, mentors, etc. So I do believe you have to have the music in you to begin with, but to channel and manifest it takes dedication and time.

RF: What about your lyrics? Which things consider Glitter Rose in her words?
GR: Lyrics have always been super important to me. They have to make sense, they have to make you feel something, and they should fit the mood of the music. I just recently started releasing music that is more emotional and personal. Up until this new álbum coming out in April, all my previous releases are songs about fictional characters, other people’s experiences or feel good, fun songs. They all either make you laugh, cry, or feel intrigued to know the people they’re about, but I didn’t want people to know how I really felt inside… until now.

RF: I can make the case you’re a very popular singer in your state, and you play a lot in CA. In fact, I think you have written songs for films. How is the experience being a recognized artist? People stop you to talk with you, they wish that you sign for them your CD after gigs?
GR: Wow, such nice compliments, thank you. I guess I don’t feel like I’m that well known per say. I’ve always had aspirations of being a world renouned artist, which is ironic that I won’t sell out, but when your goals are to play arenas, and you’ve never sold more than 200 tickets to a single show, its hard to believe that you’re a “recognized artist”. On the other hand, when I had my residency at Hard Rock Hollywood, there was a billboard of me out on Hollywood Blvd for 5 months, and I did get recognized a few times. I’ve also had friends tell me while wearing their Glitter Rose tshirts they’ve had strangers come up to them and say they love Glitter Rose, and recognize the shirts. So that is very, very cool. Even though I’m not where I envisioned being as far as being “recognized” I have received a bit of local fame in both LA and Dallas, and to do so with no professional management, agents, or a label, it is a really good feeling. It lets me know that the work I’m doing is paying off somewhere.

RF: What other things are really important in your life — apart from music — that help keep you motivated?
GR: My loved ones are everything in my life. My family, my boyfriend, my friends, my peers. I feel true joy when I get to spend time with those people and experience things together. None of this would matter without them. Usually our spending time together consists of lots of food, good drinks, music, laughter. I’m also a huge fan of Knott’s Berry Farm and being there brings a sense of childlike happiness that recharges me often.

RF: We have hundreds of readers out from the States and Europe. They’re your potential fans. Some words for them?
GR: Hi yall! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of my story. I loved all these questions and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys. Just know that when you support my music, you’re showing advocacy for all indie artists out there and making a difference in our lives. I love sharing other artist’s music with my fans too and experiencing the music lover side of the coin, so it will be wonderful to enjoy that part with yall too!

RF: Are you preparing a next tour? Where?
GR: I have no tour plans as of now, because I will be starting school in Summer 2016 to get a degree in Music Therapy. It is something I feel strong about accomplishing so I can help people through even more music channels, and that is going to take priority for a while once the new álbum is out. I will be doing some small shows in LA, and a date in Dallas over the summer. Then we’ll see where the music takes me 🙂

RF: If our readers they want to buy your music, where they can do it?
GR: All my music is available in my site – CDs, links to itunes, etc. I’m also on Bandcamp.

RF: When the next album?
GR: My new álbum “Outlaw In Love” drops April 1st, 2016 and will be available at all online retailers. Physical CDs can be bought through my website.

RF: Thanks Glitter Rose. We enjoyed a lot talking with you.
GR: Thank you! It was my pleasure and a priviledge xo Rock on!

Glitter Rose

Rock, Southern Rock, Americana
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Label: Unsigned


Band Members

  • Glitter Rose – Vocals, guitar, other



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