Interview with NEVER ENDING AVENUE Making Pop Punk great again...

RocksFanzine: Who is in the band? Explain to us something about the Never Ending Avenue story.
Never Ending Avenue: Vocalist: Trevor Thelen, Guitarist: Matthew Brinningstaull, Drums: Jon Wilson, Bass: Doug FoxWe found our drummer on craigslist after looking for less than 5 minutes, and we were shocked to find he was the perfect fit for our sound. Also he didn’t murder us… yet. Turns out he’s a super nice guy, so we have high hopes he will continue to allow us to live.

RF: We read on your site that you are a Pop Punk band. But we found a lot of great and several influences of american music there. How do you like define your music and style?
NEA: We are like a heavier Blink 182 mixed with A lighter A Day To Remember. We are the second wave of pop punk, we believe we have a more polished sound than our predecessors with the same punk attitude.

RF: You’re immerse in a big challenge; to make Pop Punk great again this is not an easy work nowadays. In what way do you want to do it?
NEA: We just wanna write good music thats passionate and have fun while doing it. We believe that the passion in our performance will draw the listeners back to Pop Punk. We have a total of 35 years of music experience between us all, and we believe that will be a big driving force.

RF: Our readers would love to discover how you started your adventure. How did you decide to begin to play? And what’s the common influence to decide working together?
NEA: Our vocalist Trevor had just gotten out of a hip hop career and wanted to do something new, and discovered that Punk was an extremely fun genre to play, so he got ahold of Doug and Matt our bassist and guitarist and then eventually Jon our drummer. We all had very similar music tastes and clicked together very well.

RF: Is your way of working — the way you write music — a joint work with all band or you develop ideas separately?
NEA: A little bit of both. Each member has had their part in writing. We are very versatile musicians, and for the most part can all write on every instrument.

RF: Our readers they are avid to discover different sounds to impact them. Why do you think you’ll be able to hit it where other artists (even famous) have failed?
NEA: We relate to real life situations and we are not afraid to push boundaries, as controversial as they may be. We are making music to make music not to make money, and that’s probably why we have done as well as we have.

RF: What about your lyrics? Which things do you consider in your words?
NEA: Real life scenarios and literally whatever pops into my head. If I think of it and it sounds good, I’m not going to think twice about writing about it

RF: Your “reborn Pop Punk sound” is competing with a lot of this new “eclectic” rock bands. Do you feel that the fans are open to listen to honest Pop Punk without additives?
NEA: Absolutely, as we develop as a band our sound will evolve to reach new listeners while staying true to our original fanbase. Plus our generation grew up on Pop Punk, so we play with the nostalgia card a little bit.

RF: Tell us how was the recording process of your album
NEA: We have our own studio, so basically we had the songs writen and Me (Trevor) and Matt sat down to record guitar and just did the same for every member of the band. Each song took about 3 days to record, and we got to experiment with a lot of things we had never done before.

RF: What other things are really important in your life — apart from music — that help keep you motivated?
NEA: Jon says his job, Matt loves learning new things, Dougs useless, and I don’t have many other hobbies, music is basically life for me.

RF: Are you preparing a next tour? Where?
NEA: Not yet, we are focusing on creating a brand for ourselves in our area while playing shows and writing for a new album.

RF: If our readers they want to buy your music, where they can do it?
NEA: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp and follow our Facebook page for more updates.

Thanks Never Ending Avenue. It was fantastic to talk with you. Good luck and success!

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Never Ending Avenue

Punk Rock, Punk, Alternative
From: Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN, USA

Label: Unsigned
Site: Facebook Page
Social: Bandcamp,  YouTube,  reverbnation,  Twitter

Band Members

  • Trevor Thelen – Vocals
  • Matthew Brinningstaull -Guitars
  • Jon Wilson – Drums
  • Doug Fox – Bass



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