Interview with NO It’s a pure rock and roll...

RocksFanzine: Who are NO? Explain us something about your early story
Basically the band started at Sterling Tolivers house and that’s me fucking ghost! We had a bass player but he quit. So good for him. We’re all brothers, three brothers and this dude named Ben Marsh Davis who’s fucking great on guitar. Probably the best guitarist you’ll ever hear.

RFHow do you like define your kind of music and style?
NO: It’s a pure rock and roll

RF: We were listening your stuff paying attention a lot, and we noticed that your sound is very european sometimes, but you’re an Idaho band! Idaho is the craddle of country, americana and blues/rock (I’m remembering Paul Revere and The Raiders now) How “NO” did they come to this polished sound?
NO: Big fans of Paul Revere and The Raiders. Also The Beatles influence us. We write music that we like. There’s so much horrible music out there so we’re trying to change that. Idaho is super cool, not so much in the sense the people are cool, but the landscape is great. Good place to write music. We’re in Los Angeles now.

RF: Reading about you we discover that you meet U2, don’t you? And they have an important influence in your name as a band.
NO: A few years ago we gave Bono our demo cd. He called us and said we should name our band NO because it would look cool on a t-shirt. U2 is a great band, Bono is nice and writes good music. Personally our band name isn’t that great. But who cares about band names. We don’t. We don’t even care about our own names.

RF: You were touring in Europe and Cuba. How was that experience? 
NO:  It’s so good that we’ll be back this summer.

RF: Our readers they are avid to discover different bands as yours to impact them. Why do you think you’ll be able to hit it where other artists (even famous) have failed? 
NO: We don’t care about anything except writing music and we don’t care what people think. We’re not here to convince anyone to listen to our songs but if they do good for them, they have good taste then.

RF: What about your lyrics? Which things consider NO in your words?
NO: You got lyrics of all sorts. Some mean something and some don’t mean anything.

RF: We are receiving lately a lot of new bands who fall in the easy sound. They’re good, but they play an identical sound most of the times. With every song ready for the Top Lists. Well, we’re happy to say that it’s not your case. 
Is hard to be honest with your own sound competing with this standardized bands? How do people react to your sound?
NO: So far people seem to enjoy it. Some of the new songs on the álbum we’re recording we’ve played for friends and they like it. We could care less about other bands.

RF: Tell us how was the recording process of your album
NO: It’s pretty boring.

RF: What other things are really important in your life — apart from music — that help keep you motivated?

RF: Are you preparing a new album, right?
NO: The new álbum is sounding great. You’ll have a copy sent to your office when it’s ready

RF: If our readers they want to buy your music, where they can do it?
NO: Go on google and type the word “no” you wont find anything on us. It’s amazing. Not one thing. I don’t think people even buy music today so it doesn’t matter.

Thanks NO. It was great listen you and talk. Good luck and success!


Rock, Rock & Roll, Alternative
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Label: The Orchard

Social: FacebookiTunesAmazonAmoeba,  YouTubeTwitter,

Band Members

  • Nick – Vocals, guitar
  • Tim – Drums
  • Mike Jarzabek  – Piano
  • Ben Marsh – Guitar



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