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RocksFanzine: Who is Tim Spriggs? Tell us something about your story.
Tim Spriggs: I grew up in a small country town, now living in the city. A creative introvert basically putting my ideas into music. Music is something I fell into pretty slowly. There was no moment where I said “This is what I’m going to do!”, I think I knew deep down it’s what I wanted to do but I kept being dragged in different directions. You have a lot of people surrounding you that chose a more common path, telling you that you’re making the wrong decision. Ultimately life is pretty difficult no matter what path you choose, so why not choose something that you’re passionate about. Your beliefs and values created your life, I don’t want your damn life.

RF: How do you like define your kind of music and style?
TS: It’s a mix of different things, maybe it’s less expected from what you might hear today in the mainstream. If you’re trying to pin down what I do or who I am it’s probably in the lyrics. I like to experiment with different sounds, when I’m inspired by different music I want to be a part of it, so I’ll try to figure out what they’re doing and find my own way of delivering it. When it comes to goals I’m insanely focused, but with ideas not so much. In the past my direction would continually change because the ideas would change, I’d never reach the destination. By blending all the ideas together and making it somewhat accessible, I don’t have that issue. Maybe you could call it alternative/folk/electronic music.

RF: We noticed an elegant touch of acoustic tunes in your songs close to some great sounds of the seventies. Who are your most important references and music influences?
TS: The acoustic guitar is my favourite instrument, it’s amazing what you can do with just an acoustic and some effort. You don’t need electricity, you don’t need a band. You can create amazing songs and use it as a base to layer whatever you want over it, I guess it makes up a big part of my sound. But I grew up in the 90’s, I was a young kid and like a lot of young kids they kind of look up to the older kids, at that stage they were in the middle of it. A lot of those kids are now into whatever they’re told to like, but it kind of defined me. I just loved that time, specifically the first 2/3 of it. You had a lot of unique personalities and outcasts who were on top of the world. Also a variety of music in the mainstream, not too long before the internet took over.

RF: In Australia (where you were born) you’ve done some acting, is this something you’re also pursuing and what plans do you have?
TS: It’s something I need to focus on properly to have any chance of doing something worthwhile, some people are gifted in that realm – I’m not one of them. I feel the same about music, but through hard work you get there in the end. After I finish and release the album I’m working on, I’ll do a double album and unless the opportunities come along I’ll jump fully back into that world. Music is great, but it’s a lot of sacrifice and it’s nearly impossible for someone of my personality type to have balance. Acting is something where you get to experience different things and develop as a person, unless something is connected to a worthwhile goal it’s hard for me to get motivated. Once something of importance draws me in I’m all in. I’m the leading man with my music, so I’m here until something comes along.

RF: As a solo artist, do you plan to play with a band in your shows?
TS: Ideally that would be best, we’ll see what comes up. The music comes first for me, performances are temporary and music is forever. It’s kind of like theatre vs film. With music every little mistake is heard when you perform solo, whereas you can get away with more when you have a backing band. I’ll be performing next year, maybe later this year. I have an album to finish, when the time is right I’ll know.

RF: How is the progress of your solo album coming along, what can we expect?
TS: Great, it’s all written and I’ll be finishing up with the recording of the music over the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll be moving onto the vocals. I’ve composed everything on this album, the only thing I didn’t write were the drum fills. It’s self produced and I’ll have someone mix and master it once the recording process is done. Musically, it varies a little more than what is on the EP. Theres some heavier stuff, theres some softer stuff and more electronic sounds as well, it’s been a huge undertaking. More difficult than anything else I’ve had to do, but it’s 100% my vision.

RF: Our readers are keen to discover different sounds with an impact to them. Where do you think you’ll be able to hit where other artists (even famous) have failed? What’s your special touch?
TS: 20 years of trying to figure out songwriting, it is ridiculously complex. At the end of the day I can only really make music that I love and get it to those who will also like it. I know what a large majority of people want, but I’m not a large majority of people and I’m not in it for the fame, at least not at the expense of who I am. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I’m not famous because I’m introverted or maybe shy, if I wanted fame there are a billion easier ways to get it than what I’m doing. I’d love for people to enjoy my music, for it to mean to others what music has meant to me.

RF: Due to your relationship with the cinematographic industry, have you considered creating a soundtrack for a film?
TS: I’d be willing to do it for sure, I have an entire electronic album which would be great for something crazy. It’s in a similar vein to The Prodigy or Fatboy Slim, I don’t really know what to do with it. I think it’s great but it’s a little too out there to attach my name to, I’ll find some way to release it I’m sure. I’ve contributed a song here and there to some smaller independent films, again I’ll do something if the producer/director is serious. Sometimes you work with people that think they’re doing you a huge and unreasonable favour, to find that their standards are actually quite low. Make me look good, god knows I need the help.

RF: What other things are really important in your life — apart from music — that helps to keep you motivated?
TS: Exercise is important for me, just from a discipline perspective and to de-stress. I don’t do it so I can post topless photos on instagram, I carry around a fair bit of internal energy that can sometimes turn negative if I don’t do something with it. In terms of motivation, for what I do you need to be self-motivated. No one is breathing down your neck telling you that a deadline is approaching, so it’s harder to discipline yourself and be productive. A good way to get motivated is to watch people who do what you’re doing, but a lot better. Break everything down into steps that you believe you can do at any given moment. Start small and use momentum to finish big. Belief and desire determine our actions, theres also a physical side to it that I think exercising is good for.

RF: I’m sure there’s a lot of potential young-artists reading us now that are in need of some inspiration, what words do you have for them?
TS: It’s your life, not anyone else’s. They have no say about what you want to do with it, they are simply projecting their own reality and affirming what they chose to do with their life. The followers aren’t the ones that ever stand out, do something different if you want something different. I think most artists tend to be open minded and question things in a reasonable way, unfortunately not everyone is like that but naysayers are nay-doers. If you’ve got something to prove then prove it, otherwise you’ll find yourself reaching for the small victories. No one likes that idiot with his car windows down blasting music, or the person that won’t let a petty argument go, or the person that bases their worth off of how much they talk. But then again it’s your life, you only get one.

RF: If our readers they want to buy your music, where they can do it?
TS: It’s up on all the major online stores, or you can go to

RF: Thanks Tim. It was really great to talk with you. Good luck and success!


Tim Spriggs

Aternative, Folk, Electronic
From: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Label: Independent artist
Social: FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

Band Members

  • Tim Spriggs – Guitar, vocals, composer



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