LYRICS OF TWO.  Recognized as one of the most innovative and original bands from Los Angeles, Lyrics Of Two have established themselves as accomplished lyricist/songwriter/composers. Steadfastly earning a reputation of professionalism, talent and creativity. Founded by Los Angeles born,head songwriter and poet Marie Helen Abramyan who is classically trained in piano and has a degree in Sociology from Mount St. Mary’s University. Marie Helen is a member of the Songwriter’s Guild Of America, and has had an interest in creative writing from a very early age. Her musical training began with her uncle Ashot Abramyan who played first violin for the Utah Symphonic orchestra, and in whose honor the Abramyan String Quartet was founded. It was with him that she learned the basics of classical music. During this time in school her abilities to creatively write began to flourish. Marie Helen has been educated at the some of the best private all girl schools in Los Angeles winning numerous poetry and lyric writing awards while still a student. Marie Helen became very interested in psychology and sociology. Her hard work and diligence in university earned her numerous scholarships. Being on the honor roll or the dean’s list every year of her university schooling. Marie Helen showed somuch potential in her work that he was awards the “Dean’s Award For Student With Most Potential” among all the students in the university. Marie Helen is also the founder of Lyrics Of Two Publishing.
After graduation she began to focus on her lyrics and music even more. Marie Helen has also written hit songs for international pop stars and now for country music artists as well. After founding Lyrics Of Two she has used her skill to bridge the gap between the genres of pop, rock and country. All of Lyrics Of Two’s songs are written by Marie Helen. She has also just finished a children’s book titled “The Rhyming Tales Of The Helpful Friends And the Garden Show” and is about to finish her second book, a poetry book with a collection of her seasonal poetry.
Lyrics Of Two have consecutively earned their position as #1 band in California in the Deli Music Charts in the Mainstream Pop Category. As well as being #1 in the West Coast, Southeast, Southwest, NewEngland and RockyMountain regions of the Deli Music Charts in the category of Mainstream Pop Music. Lyrics Of Two was chosen Artist Of The Month at Native Family Radio on December 2016. The band was most recently nominated as Entertainer Of The Year at Florida Country Radio, and was also nominated for and Independent Music Award for their song “Mysteries”. 360 Magazine in their Dec/Jan 2017 Iceland Issue said about Lyrics Of Two, “We should all expect this ensemble to continue to blaze trails with their high degrees of sophistication and marketability. All of the above have earned them a top spot on this week’s #360WatchList.”
With the release of their latest single titled “California Loving” Lyrics Of Two has scored another chart topper. Already topping radio charts all over the world, “California Loving” has received rave reviews. Described by 360 Magazine as “an ode to all things which draw us into the state’s bosom: climate, ocean views and luxuriant pastures. Classically trained pianist and songwriter Marie Helen strikes gold with this bit of art. Sensual lyrics and strong harmonies coupled with immense vocal capabilities provide this track with all of the ingredients needed to keep it on replay.” (360 Mag January 2017). The song is on high rotation on radio stations globally, and has already become a fan request favorite at the stations world wide.

Lyrics Of Two

Pop, Rock, Country
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Label: Unsigned


Band Members

  • Marie Helen Abramyan – Vocals & writing



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