NO. Band of brothers sign three year worldwidw distribution deal with the orchard. Album due out 2018.
Described as “elegantly retro rock music” by fans who call themselves “NOldiers” NO was given their band name by Bono of U2. The brothers gave Bono a demo CD of their album Meet Me After Dark with their phone number scribbled on the disc on Father’s Day. Bono called the brothers saying he enjoyed the music and suggested they change their name from No Cover to NO because it would “look cool on a T-shirt”.
Formed in Los Angeles NO are three brothers Nick (vocals, guitar), Tim (drums), and Mike Jarzabek (piano). Originally from Idaho, NO moved to Los Angeles to pursue music after their guitar player Chris Reynold died at age 19.
Distilling their musical influence from 60s era-britpop the band is influenced by The Kinks and The Beatles.


Rock, Rock & Roll, Alternative
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Label: The Orchard

Social: Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Amoeba,  YouTubeTwitter, Instagram

Band Members

  • Nick – Vocals, guitar
  • Tim – Drums
  • Mike Jarzabek  – Piano
  • Ben Marsh – Guitar



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