NOWFUTURE, born as a vintage punk rock cover band and setting the mosh pits on fire throughout a year of live shows around Montreal alternative scene.
NowFuture’s bass player Pat and lead singer Pete sat down and co-wrote a corrosive blend of madness and drama, fueled by decades of dedication to the music style they loved.
Teamed by Steph’s incisive guitar work and Alex’s roaring drum performance, the rehearsals and recording sessions gave life to a number of in-your-face crunch rock songs.
Their new released EP, Spy Killer, should establish  the band’s distinctive tone : Thunder drums and bass,  lightening guitars and stormy vocals.
The lyrics are all connected to the focal point that runs through the whole album to come.
Those four songs will be giving but clues to the ones who, excited by the teaser, will be eager to hear the whole story.


Alternative, Heavy Rock, Punk
From: Montreal, QC, CANADA

Label: Unsigned
Site: Facebook page

Band Members

  • Pete Moss – vocals
  • Steph Deriff – guitars
  • Pat Chooly – bass
  • Alex Treeme – drums


NowFuture – “Sweet Lovin’ Gone Bad” (Censored Edition) from NowFuture on Vimeo.



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