Southern California’s old school style punk rock outfit Dead Friends 46 announce a brand new album properly titled “Hardcore”.

If the title doesn’t give it away, this album is pure hardcore punk along the lines of bands in the mid to the late 80’s, just before Thrash Metal took over. If you’re a fan of those years of punk along the lines of early Poison Idea, Batallion of Saints and Adolescents, then you will want to dive into this LP.

It’s also obvious that Dead Friends 46 are drawing inspiration from aninteresting mix of early 80’s hardcore, British punk/Oi! (the albumfeatures a cover of Banned from The Pubs). Think Slapshot meets localOrange County heroes Bonecrusher, with some early Social Distortionthrown in for good measure. In fact, the band also added a rousingrendition of Social D’s 1982 classic ‘Mass Hysteria’ for thealbum.

…”there is an unmistakable old school spirit and style that has brought them to the forefront of the Orange County punk scene and garnered themselves quite a local following.”

You can stream ‘Hardcore’ via Soundcloud here:

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