SIM ROSS, a Brooklyn, New York based rock and roller, will be releasing his debut full-length studio effort this coming November. ‘Ohio City Songs’ follows his three song EP released last year, ‘Broken Wing.’ Backed by ‘The Redemption,’ Sim Ross crafts a fresh and unique sound that incorporates rock influence tinged with Americana. His ‘rugged, yet poignant’ vocals have defined his sound, one that’s inspired by the likes of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and countless other American legends.

‘Ohio City Songs’ will be released under the umbrella of Dirty Town Records, available both digitally and physically. (It’ll even be available on vinyl via Ross’ main website.) The album release will be accompanied by an extensive tour of surrounding areas – Virginia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania to name a few. Fans on the east coast or areas surrounding New York should get in contact with Ross and company if you want to bring the band to your city! The tour will take place throughout the winter and spring, typically centralizing around a Sim Ross acoustic duo, but occasionally using The Redemption backing band as well.

The first single off of ‘Ohio City Songs’ is ‘Shade of Blue,’ an acoustic-laden ballad with tinges of Americana influence and reverb-soaked electric guitar riffs. Ross’ commanding presence elegantly displays his prowess behind both the microphone and the pen. Fans can read a compelling account of Ross’ live experience on Green Pointers, a community publication that lauded Ross’ live performance for its engaging nature and spontaneity.

Sim Ross

Americana, Rock, Folk
From: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Label: Dirty Town Records

Band Members

  • Sim Ross – Vocals, guitar, other



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