THE CHICAGO VIN COALITION is the latest project from American Singer/ Songwriter, Chicago Vin Earnshaw. Produced by Arnie Larsen and featuring Don Larsen on Lead Guitar, Leo Dumas on Drums and Backup Vocal. the current CD release, “American Dream” is a psychedelic blast of garage rock infused with blues and country. Special Guests include Chris Stovall Brown on Harp & Klem Klimmer, from NRBQ on Sax
​American Dream displays influences like The Animals, The Kinks, The Black Keys, and The Velvet Underground that mix well with Earnshaw’s take on tough-sounding indie rock. He is supported by a crew that includes Don Larsen, Leo Dumas, Chris Stovall Brown, Mark Taber, Klem Klimer,Tom Goodrich, Billy Lacaille, Don Phaneuf, Dawn Fountaine, and Roger Dille on these sessions with strong results. This is music from the analog days that’s more about passion than precision, just like the legends who began this whole game in the first place. Chicago Vin Earnshaw is a direct link to those bare-knuckle times and the perfect antidote for those seeking relief from today’s plastic sounds.

The Chicago Vin Coalition

Rock, Indie, Psychedelic
From: Boston, MA, USA

Label: Unsigned

Social: CD Baby, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbnationJango, iTunes, Spotify

Band Members

  • Chicago Vin Earnshaw – Lead vocals, guitar
  • Don Larsen – Lead guitar
  • Leo Dumas -Drums, backup vocals



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