THE MIDNIGHT CLUB  is an alternative band out of Denver, Colorado, formed by three high school students in 2015. Harry Springer, Owen Coleman, and Sean McCarthy created The Midnight Club originally to carry out their smooth catchy melodies through a pop unified sound. The boys are now out of high school and have been in LA recording the first few tracks for their debut album which is projected to drop in 2018. The band’s creativity and mature music have proved them to be a promising act. Their debut song, “Knock Back”, was released in February of 2016 along with a music video for the track which has nearly 45,000 views on YouTube. The band also found success through their other released tracks, “Should’ve Held Me Tighter” and “Immortalized” which also came with a pair of music videos as well. The Midnight Club just sold out a Denver venue called the Lost Lake Lounge, in which members called the show and the sold out crowd a “huge success”. The Midnight Club is an unsigned band, but just recently signed with Hardin Bourke Entertainment, an artist management company based in Burbank, CA. The band also signed with producer Taylor Locke, who used to be in the band, Rooney. With the help of Locke, the band has already finished a few of the songs set to be the lead tracks off the album they’re currently working on. With a new theatrical rock sound similar to Queen or The Kinks, The Midnight Club is looking to make the transition from a pop-group to a rock band in August when they drop their first single off the new album.

The Midnight Club

Alternative, Rock, Rock & Roll
From: Denver, COLORADO, USA

Label: Unsigned
Site: Facebook Page

Band Members

  • Owen Coleman – Lead singer
  • Harry Springer – Lead guitar
  • Miles Bragg – Bass
  • Sean McCarthy – Drums






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