TONER is a four-piece band based out of Black River Falls, WI. The band has a musical heritage that extends years before their inception.
When it came time to record original material, each member of Toner brought their individual creativity to the table. Between 2016 and 2017, eleven tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered by a good friend, Tim Nelson at Paradigm 494, his home studio. The final product is Toner’s self-titled debut album.
The band aimed to retain as much of a “live” feel to these recordings as possible, and many of these moments are found scattered throughout the album’s run time. With Tim’s support, the group was able to experiment and expand on their artistic visions, introducing new sounds and instrumentation they had not previously conceived. The band also invited longtime friend and collaborator, Jen Zemke, to lend her voice on a handful of tracks, producing a fully-fledged collection of songs.
Art is an underlying theme throughout “Toner”. It is a conglomerate of ideas from inspired songwriters, some ideas dating back several years. In many ways, it’s a band looking back but moving forward…cleaning the slate and paving the way for the future.


Rock, Americana, Power Pop
From: Black River Falls, WI, USA

Label: Unsigned

Social: Album,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Band Members

  • Garrett Gilbertson – Guitar, vocals
  • William Roberts – Bass, vocals
  • Shmike – Drums
  • Travis Reininger – Guitar, vocals



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