TZILI YANKO, In the seven years since the release of her first album “The day you stop Smoke “, Tzili had enough success to reach the world with countless concerts.
Nationwide, participate for two times in the first season of “The Voice” (Aviv Geffen’s team), and she recorded her third album lately. The production iy was a work of several producers as Lior tevet, Ofer eshed, Stella gotshtein and Adam tal The words and melodies were written on her hands, and style ranges from folk rock to the country.
Now that the album is almost ready and the two singles from it already went to the radio, occupy herself the stages, with the team of winning players. A captivating and caressing voice and a wonderful personality with an amazing music touch, without any doubt.

Tzili Yanko

Rock, Country, Acoustic
From: Tel Aviv, Israel

Label: Unsigned
Site: Facebook Page

Band Members

  • Tzili Yanko – Vocals & guitar
  • Adam Tal – Guitar
  • Ofer Eshed – Bass




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